Business is a 

human connection

As a former professional dancer, I’ve helped hundreds of leaders throughout the world deliver a message that moves people to take action.

Let me show you how to do it.


Unspoken Edge

Theory is easy. People are complex.

93% of communication is non verbal. That means the way we communicate means more than people often think. With a simple method rooted in behavioral psychology, I’ll show you how to relieve stress and connect with those you serve. After pinpointing your natural genius as a leader, we integrate the three levels of intelligence: mental, emotional, and physical in a way others notice.

The Unspoken Edge = more traction & results with less effort & stress.

What You’re Doing Now Isn’t Working



Own the room. Own the moment.  Getting to that place where the whole world turns to hang on your every word is no accident. It is a cultivated skill. The trick is they aren’t listening to the words, they are listening to how you make them feel.

This goes way beyond mindfulness, EQ, or consensus leadership. This is you tapping into your genius and engaging the moment full out. Not in your head, but with your presence.

Book a complimentary call and I’ll walk you through The Edge Assessment. It’s a simple yet powerful tool to access greater influence and lead your team to take action.

Feel The Power Of Truly Connected Presence

Greater Influence. Real Results.

I was born to teach 

The Unspoken Edge

My story is a strange one…  In high school, I fell in love with swing dancing. That passion soon led to traveling the world to teach workshops on connection, chemistry, and how to lead a partner to trust your actions. Back in California, I applied these same skills to help couples deepen their relationship through authentic connection. It didn’t take long before business leaders began to ask me for advice to lead their teams much like partners do in dance. This led to the creation of Unspoken Leadership: a personalized training method to help professionals lead with greater influence.

What’s Possible When You Lead By Your Design 

James Cruzen is a master at helping leaders step into their highest potential. I have facilitated advanced leadership programs to thousands for over 10 years and I am a much better leader of my own team because of the work I’ve done with James.

Really dialing in the relational dynamics between myself, team and business have unlocked new possibilities. My team is responding quickly to how I’ve changed and our company is growing exponentially. James is a master!”

Barb Moses – CEO of High5 Leadership, corporate leadership

Working with James was such a powerful experience! The level of depth, knowledge and perspective he brings is world class. In a single session, he gave me several simple, foundational shifts to show up more fully on my sales calls and elsewhere in my life.

He also helped me see how I can integrate my head, emotions and body in each moment. What I love about James is that he’s not just about sharing heady concepts, he really is a stand for the full embodied experience.

James opens powerful shifts for your connection, communication and leadership skills.

Jeffrey Platts, Men’s Coach

I highly recommend working with James. He was able to easily identify my leadership style and helped me understand some disconnection I was having with a client.  He also helped me understand how I show up most authentically and powerfully in sales.

“The information he shared helped me move into my bigger purpose. Thanks, James!”

Robin Quinn Keehn, The Quitting Culture & Raising Quit-Proof Kids

I was able to take big, challenging situations and in a matter of minutes have them be simple and actionable. James is highly intuitive and skilled – one of a kind.”

Tracy Podell – Executive Coach